souvenirs — a haibun




the night we met while we first started talking you asked nearly everyone in the bar except for me if you could bum a cigarette im not sure why you didnt ask me didnt know if i should take it as a complement or what so after your third or fourth bummed cigarette i take out one of my own from my own pack & light it up & watch your smile turn into a laugh

the night you kept asking me what album buckets of rain was on & i kept saying blood on the tracks & you kept saying no thats not it & me saying yeah im pretty sure its blood on the tracks & you saying no come on youre a huge dylan fan you got to know what album its on & i keep saying i think its blood on the track so we go into a record store & find blood on the tracks & sure enough buckets of rain is on it & sure enough you laugh

the night you said you were getting yourself a beer & asked if i wanted one & i said sure & you got up to get it but come back holding a beer in your hand saying sorry but theres only one left & you start drinking it then you start laughing at yourself after i suggest that we could get a glass & share it



the way the past

turns into the present

the way we re

still in love


souvenir one the manayunk section of philadelphia souvenir two south street philadelphia souvenir three strathmere new jersey

atlas poetica number 10